Download and import Kali-attacker vm

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1. Download the Kali-Attacker VM

Download the following Kali-Attacker VM (.ova) which we will refer to as the attacker machine.

Size: 8.01 GB

Kali-Attacker.ova md5 checksum: b7f93f7872d4887288a78108dd02f9b8 

Kali-Attacker.ova sha1 checksum: 42e16d7bce3f02ee395ac085185bbae8db55ed38 

Kali-Attacker.ova sha256 checksum: 13aea4fa3ceb11397369a0dfdea106f9417ea289cacf14c89a1a67848de294f1

2. Import the Kali-Attacker VM to VirtualBox

Note: The following directions were made on a Mac OS. If you have another operating system, it should be easy to relate to the directions below.

  1. Make sure you have at least 25GB free disk space on you laptop

  2. Start (open) VirtualBox

  3. Click "File"

  4. Click "Import Appliance"

  5. Navigate to where you downloaded the "Kali-Attacker.ova" file

  6. Choose it and click "Open"

  7. In the "MAC Address Policy" dropbox, choose "Generate new MAC addresses for all network adapters"​


  8. Click the "Import" button and wait until the VM is fully imported in your VirtualBox Manager window

  9. Right-click the imported VM and click "Settings"

  10. Go to the "Network" settings and make sure that

    • Adapter 1 is attached to "Bridged Adapter"

    • The "Name" dropbox has your wireless adapter name selected

  11. Click "Ok"

  12. Start the VM and wait until you see the login screen

  13. Login using username "root" and password "toor"

Congratulations! You are ready.

3. Troubleshooting

If you receive an error message like this:

make sure that you have at least 25GB available hard drive disk space on your laptop.


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