I think of learning as an essential element in one's life, as important as eating and drinking. My best moments are when I learn something new or help someone learn something new. I am currently engaged in educating students through delivering university-level courses, advising student projects, assisting students in learning activities outside the classroom, creating and enhancing educational material, and participating in K-12 educational events.


CS 4970/1 Capstone Practicum

Fall 2017 - Current

This course is one option in the CS Senior Thesis track. Under the Practicum track, students will take two 3-credit courses, CS 4970 and CS 4971. These courses would form a year-long group-based and project-based practicum class. There would be an actual customer, which could be either internal (the course instructor, other CS professors, etc.) or external (local companies, local non-profits, etc.).

AY 17-18: 15 Projects / 15 Teams / 91 Students

AY 18-19: 10 Projects / 15 Teams / 92 Students

AY 19-20: 18 Projects / 18 Teams / 109 Students

CS 4760 Network Security

Spring 2017 - Current

This course covers the principles of secure network communications and the application of network security. Topics include: attack types, attack surfaces, attack phases, network security devices (a)symmetric key encryption, cryptographic hash function, authentication/identification techniques, key distribution, and data integrity assurance. Also, currently used security mechanisms and protocols will be discussed.

CS 4501 Penetration Testing

Spring 2019

Students learn the stages of a penetration test and create a sandboxed environment to safely try various penetration testing techniques. Students then follow a hands-on approach to experience how vulnerabilities can be discovered and exploited.

CS 1110/3 Introduction to Programming

Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

A first course in programming, software development, and computer science. Introduces computing fundamentals and an appreciation for computational thinking. No previous programming experience required.

Outside the Classroom

WiFi hacking @ uWindsor
January 24, 2020
2019 Virginia cyber fusion
February 22-23, 2019
CAE-CDE Designation (Uva)
November 7, 2018
2018 cyberwars camp
June 18-22, 2018
2018 National ccdc
April 13-15, 2018
WiCyS 2018
March 23-24, 2018
2018 Mid-Atlantic ccdc
March 15-17, 2018
Enigma 2018 | USENIX
January 16-18, 2018


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